"It's amazing that one coaching session can be so life changing. People have said that I look different, and I attribute that to what I learned from Greg."  Cheryl Lickfeld. Buffalo, NY

    "I met with Greg earlier this year with the goal of him helping me refocus professionally.  Greg provided an unbiased and open-minded approach  in learning about my  how I run my practice and his observations and recommendations to help me refocus were simple to implement (which I have done) and I am looking forward to building on those recommendations as time progresses. Greg truly cares about the success of everyone he works with and it shows not only in the results but also in his follow-up after your have met. If you are looking to raise your business to the next level I highly recommend that you meet with Greg! It will be worth every minute that you spend with him." Brian Casey, Buffalo, NY

    "The primary question has helped to alter the way I frame my thinking and helps to breed a positive overall mindset on a daily basis." Nate Ruckdaschel. Boston, MA

    "Greg has helped bring clarity to the goals that I want to achieve by narrowing it down to one achievable all encompassing question that motivates me to do my best every day." Caitlyn Phillips. Jacksonville, FL

    "The coaching session with Greg has been a Life Changer for me! I instantly experienced positive results in business and relationships that were directly tied to my Primary Question. If you are ready for change I highly recommend working with Greg and Experience what You are Capable of! Mike Seman, Phoenix, AZ

    "Greg has had a great impact on my personal and business focus. His experience as a coach is seen in his approach and dedication to attaining results.  I would highly recommend him  to anyone in need of guidance and professional support." Jared Byer, Amherst, NY

    "Greg has allowed me to see my life in a whole new way and where I want to in the future." Mike Tomczak, Blaisdell, NY

    "Greg shows you how to win the game between your ears." Christian Chapman, 2016 New York State Junior Amateur Golf Champion, Victor, NY

    "My life has changed exponentially since I started working with Greg. I'm achieving goals more quickly and with more fun than ever as a result of my Primary Question, Greg's feedback and using the app. My Primary Question greets me first thing in the morning and is the last thing I see before going to sleep. It brings me a charge of energy that makes me feel alive! I LOVE it!

    I also love using the app because I actually want to identify weekly goals and daily objectives - something I only thought about doing in the past. The specific feedback Greg provides keeps me on a focused path and I am now actually finishing the tasks I start - and that feels AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Debbie Battistella, Tonawanda, NY

    "Since I began working with Greg I am seeing more clients than ever." Annette Romeo, Amherst, NY


    "Greg is a thoughtful and experienced coach.  He helped me identify and build upon strengths and passions that already exist within me to optimize my performance and my results." Peter McLaughlin, East Aurora, NY

    "Greg has helped me tremendously. His service's are unique and really helps you get in the zone. Greg teaches you how to have a strategy and how to get focused and I highly recommend him." Will Valvo, Williamsville, NY

    "Greg uses simple self-directed routines to put you in a protected shell of positivity. Not only did I reach my sports performance goal with his program, my daily life became much more productive and rewarding." Howard Stoll, East Aurora, NY

    "Going into a game with a Strategy and staying focused on what matters most has taken my game to a whole new level of productivity and performance." Hayley Scamurra, professional hockey player for the Buffalo Beauts, Buffalo, NY

    "As a personal trainer to professional athletes and four years as the starting kicker for a Division I football program, I understand the importance of focus. The laser focus I received as a result of Greg’s system was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I highly recommend it to any professional athlete looking for a competitive edge.” Ben Woods, Owner of STA Sports Performance Elma, NY

    "The Primary Question has changed my mindset by helping me become more focused and giving me a renewed sense of mental toughness. It has helped me to confidently lead an awesome group on Facebook, improved my family relationships and improved my business success!" Brandon Sugar, Jacksonville, FL


    "Working with my primary question keeps me focused on creating what I want, conceptually, combined with passion. My self image and confidence have improved as I've focused on where I'm headed rather than on where I feel stuck." Lisa Love, New Brunswick, ME

    "Greg has developed and mastered a formula for helping individuals and organizations to achieve the very best that they can. He brings tools to us that are both effective and approachable. That is a rare combination. Achieve your goals today." Steve Martin, Amherst, NY

    "Greg has and continues to make an impact upon everyone he speaks with. He has helped me tremendously in my personal and business career.  Keep up the good work Greg!" Shaun caveny, Rochester, NY

    "My golf game and my life continue to improve as a result of working with Greg for the past five years." Leonard Joseph, Rush, NY

    "Greg's Primary Question lead me down a road that I almost bypassed. It injected me with a renewed passion and hope of achieving my goal of owning a wellness farn. Greg is very genuine and amazingly skilled at what he does." Jill O'Hara, Blaisdell, NY

    "Greg's coaching session has given me direction and focus while building my confidence and self-esteem. More importantly, it has given me hope that I can have a wonderful future." Diane Tanyi, Buffalo, NY