Live Workshops that guarantee your success!


If you want a solution to improve your performance in your career or business you have come to the right place! Our live workshops provide you the knowledge and the tools to create instant results that last a lifetime! 

Each live workshop is delivered by Performance Coach, Greg Liberto in partnership with the Canisius College Center for Professional Development.  The college is located at 2001 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14223 and each workshop will be held in Science Hall, Room 035, and parking is free.


The workshops are for Individuals looking to improve their performance in the areas of:

- Sales Productivity

- Daily Performance

- Leadership

- Focus

- Clarity

- Motivation

- Communication

- Confidence and more


Ten years ago we set a goal to help people obtain faster results in their personal improvement than anyone on the planet. As we constantly strive towards that goal, here are some of the additional unique benefits you can expect in each of our workshops.

- A transformative learning process that has you prepared for each workshop  

- Custom videos to reinforce your learning after each workshop

- Only two hours in length

- Guaranteed tangible results in 7 days

- Lifelong learning tools that last

- Daily messaging to keep you motivated, focused and continuously improving

- Cutting-edge information that is easy to understand and apply

- Limited to 8 participants for individual attention 

- Success partners and more


Click here to register for one of our dynamic workshops today. See how easy it is to create instant results in your career or business!


Each workshop is designed to create instant results that last which is why we guarantee your results in just 7 days. In each workshop you receive laminated tools that are yours to keep forever! 

If you want a great workshop in Buffalo, NY that is unlike anything you have ever experience, register today!